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Pocket-wifi was new to the mass when WiFiBB started its business in 2012. Our task was to promote it as the easy, affordable, hassle-free way to stay online when travelling —

We worked with WiFiBB since its beginning in 2012 and designed its name, brand identity and e-Commerce site. Along the next four years we continue working together on a range of tasks, including multiple updates to the site, coming up with marketing strategies, eDM campaigns, online & offline Ads and more.

Naming, Brand identity & Marketing Strategy

Data roaming was neither convenient nor affordable when WiFiBB started its business in 2012. So when our client came to us with the idea of a pocket WiFi modem rental service with a HK$90 daily rate when travelling to Japan or South Korea, we instantly loved the idea and signed up to help with the naming, identity design, and marketing strategy.

WiFiBB, early bird & friends
Brand identity

We came up with an easy to remember name “WiFiBB”, which then lead us to create the cute, modem-shaped baby. We built the rest of the identity around the baby and came up with a brand image that is cute, bright and friendly. Along the years we created several more characters, including the “Early Bird” and friends for various promotions and campaigns.

e-Commerce Site

On the website, we wanted to communicate the benefits of WiFiBB without inundating the audience with technical and marketing jargon. The key points had to be understood quickly in laymen terms, the pricing had to be simple and bookings can be made right away. Most importantly, the website had to help build trust in the brand and leave a strong impression on potential customers.

The homepage underwent several revisions along the years.
The site is responsive and available in both English and Traditional Chinese.

Offline materials

Along the years, we have designed various print-out materials for WiFiBB, including rental kit, member card, stickers and Ad.

The pocket-wifi rental kit
Complimentary gift stickers
Loyalty program member cards
Some designs of the gift stickers
Airport pickup-counter backdrop
Minibus Ad