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Mother’s Choice is a Hong Kong non-profit known for their work in helping teenage crisis pregnancies. We started working with them from 2013, and have since completed two major revamps and several marketing sites.

First Revamp – 2013

Mother’s Choice came to us in summer 2013, looking to revamp their website for their Adoption Awareness Month Campaign. At the time their website was not mobile friendly and didn’t communicate their values and services well.

We revamped the website with a fully responsive layout, new content structure, simpler navigation, easier to read pages and engaging visuals. We also redesigned the online donation form, which had not generated many conversions, and ditched PayPal in place of PayDollar so they could accept both one-off and monthly donations.

Campaign Site “Adoption Awareness Month”

Alongside the website revamp, we designed a separate campaign site for their “Adoption Awareness Month”. The site was a one-pager that features video interviews with adoptive families, with an interactive survey that made people confront their preconceived notions of adoption.

Desktop View & Online Ad
Responsive views

Campaign Site “Families walking for families”

By the end of 2014, Mother’s Choice started the campaign “Families walking for families”, a 5KM Walkathon for families to participate in and help raise fund. The campaign site was connected to JustGiving, which allowed teams to create a custom fund-raising page and receive donations online. The results were then shown on the website’s leaderboard. The event was a success and it’s now being held annually.

Walkathon event site integrated with JustGiving

Second Revamp – 2016

“we don’t just want to be there at a point of crisis for young girls and children, we want to see a community so supportive of pregnant teenagers and children without families that they open their own hearts to help, and organizations like Mother’s Choice are no longer needed” – said Mother’s Choice.

Since their mission has changed, their identity and copywriting also needed updates. Their new identity including logo, color, and typography was designed by Ogilvy, while we were asked to revamp the site.

Despite the previous design worked considerably well, the structure and copies needed considerable changes, and starting from scratch turns out easier than updating the existing one. So we created a new site with minor enhancement while keeping the elements we like about the previous site.

About landing page
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