While most of us have smartphones nowadays, it is neither convenient nor affordable to stay online when we travel. So when our client came to us with the idea of a pocket WiFi modem rental service with a HK$90 daily rate when travelling to Japan or South Korea, we instantly loved the idea and signed up to help with the naming, identity design and marketing strategy.

Because of the nature of the product, we realized that the brand had to relate not just to tech-savvy types like ourselves, but it had to be friendly and understandable by the masses.  The name WiFiBB is short and easy to remember, and it let us create an identity using a cute, modem-shaped baby.

On the website, we wanted to communicate the benefits of WiFiBB without inundating the audience with technical and marketing jargon. The key points had to be understood quickly in laymen terms, the pricing had to be simple and bookings can be made right away. Mostly importantly, the website had to help build trust in the brand and leave a strong impression on potential customers.

We used Drupal 7 and Commerce to build the website, implemented Desk to handle customer support, and are in the process of adding an online payment feature. Shortly after the launch, the client already had to triple their stock to acommodate the demand and we are engaged to constantly improve the website and come up with new ideas for marketing.