Mother's Choice

Mother's Choice, a Hong Kong non-profit known for their work in helping teenage crisis pregnancies, came to us in summer 2013 looking to revamp their website in time for their Adoption Awareness Month Campaign in November. At the time, their website looked dated, was not mobile friendly and did not do a very good job of communicating their values and services.

Despite the tight timeframe, we helped Mother’s Choice completely revamp their website with a fully responsive design in less than eight weeks. A new content structure with simpler navigation, easier to read pages and engaging visuals were created to help people look for help and information.

Their online donation form, which had not seen much conversion in the past, was completely redesigned to address previous usability issues. We also ditched PayPal in place of PayDollar so they could accept both one-off and monthly donations. WordPress, the new content management system we implemented, let them manage both website contents and donor information in one place.

We also designed a separate campaign website for their Adoption Awareness Month Campaign that features video interviews with adoptive families and an interactive survey that made people confront their preconceived notions of adoption.

Being able to work with an organization filled with passionate individuals doing such meaningful work was a rewarding experience and was a definite highlight for us that year.