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  • Naming & brand identity
  • Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • Print

Pocket WiFi was new to the masses in 2012 when WiFiBB was founded. We set out to promote it as the easy, affordable way to stay online when travelling.

Our extensive work with WiFiBB began shortly after its inception, starting with naming, brand identity and e-commerce. The next four years saw us helping the business succeed by iterating on the website, coming up with marketing strategies, and creating both online and offline ads.

Naming, Brand identity & Marketing Strategy

Before WiFiBB came along, data roaming was prohibitively expensive, and trying to get local data service in Japan was no easy task either. So when the client approached us with the idea of a pocket WiFi rental service at an affordable day rate, we instantly loved the idea and signed up to help brand and market it.

WiFiBB, Early Bird & Friends
Brand identity

We came up with the catchy, memorable name WiFiBB, which then led to the cute, modem-shaped baby. We built the brand identity around this mascot – bright, friendly, and reminiscent of the region the service was meant to be used. Over the years we created several more characters, such as the Early Bird and friends, for various promotions.

e-Commerce Site

As a new business, WiFiBB’s website had to inspire trust, make the service’s benefits obvious to potential customers, and allow for easy booking right away. Our creative team worked on the content strategy and structure, keeping the language simple and the design intuitive.

The website evolved along with the business.
The site is responsive and available in both English and Traditional Chinese.

Offline materials

We designed various print materials for WiFiBB, including rental kits, membership cards, stickers and ads.

Rental kit
Gift stickers
Loyalty program membership cards
Localised versions of WiFiBB
Backdrop for the pickup counter at the airport
Minibus ad