Week In China

Services provided:

Week in China is a subscriber-only publication on China's emerging business trends, available exclusively to HSBC's corporate and institutional clients through a weekly email.

The client came to us in 2009 to develop a website to serve subscribers who preferred to read the contents online. The website also needed to serve as a repository of archived articles and a potential venue for more in-depth features. 

In order to meet their unique content requirements, we implemented a customized version of WordPress so their non-technical team could keep the subscriber database in sync with their email delivery tool Campaign Monitor, and publish access-controlled contents using a simple interface.

In 2010 we created mobile-optimized versions of the site for BlackBerry devices and iPhones, and in 2012 we made them an iPad app. In 2013, we refreshed the website design again to accommodate new content requirements. We continue to be retained for on-going support and product development.