HKUST School of Science

Services provided:

With the establishment of their new office to support students in the new four-year curriculum, the Office of Academic Advising and Support of HKUST School of Science wanted a new website for students seeking academic advice and help.

Their brief to us was that the website needed to feel young, bright, energetic and reflect a playful and approachable nature of the Office and its advisors. It also needed to be easy for students to find answers to their questions and connect with the advisors.

Using a thematic orange color, playful scientific illustrations, and photography of student volunteers, we came up with a bold fresh design that the client was super happy with. We also helped with content strategy and turned otherwise lengthy and boring content into infographics and charts whenever possible to get the message across quickly.

The website was built using Drupal 7 and its powerful taxonomy system allowed us to organize and display contents easily and shorten the overall build time. It took us just a little less than two weeks to complete the front-end and back-end development using Drupal and allowed the client to change the contents easily from day one of launch.