HKFC Citibank International Soccer Sevens

Services provided:

The HKFC Citibank International Soccer Sevens is an annual seven-a-side football competition hosted by the Hong Kong Football Club. Two Up Front, an existing client of ours, has been handling international PR and media management for the tournament since 2008 and partnered up with us to build a new site in 2012.

The site provides fans with everything they need to know about the tournament. In addition to the latest news and up-to-date information about which teams are participating, the site features video highlights, photo galleries, fan polls, event history, social media integration and a dedicated Media Centre.

“The new website is everything we hoped for – dynamic, informative, interactive and user friendly – making it the perfect showcase for our tournament,” said Soccer Sevens Chairman Tony Bratsanos.

“Our thanks go to Two Up Front and their associates for delivering this exciting new website in a tight timeframe and with a minimum of fuss. We are delighted with the results – it is a premier site for the world’s premier seven-a-side football tournament.”