Gravity Partnership

Services provided:

Gravity Partnership is a Hong Kong based architecture firm that has just celebrated their 10th anniversary. With a huge body of original and innovative work amassed from completing various planning and architectural design commissions, they felt it was time to redesign their website to better showcase their achievements to potential clients and hires.

The Gravity team wanted their new site to reflect themselves: friendly but also professional and unconventional. They wanted the site to be driven by visuals to show their works in the best light.

With buildings and 3D artwork as epic as theirs (and with high quality images to match), we knew we had to strip down the design to something minimal, and allow their works to take center stage.

We developed an user interface that pushed fullscreen visuals to the forefront while subtle navigation cues lay on the surrounding edges. The result is a powerful, captivating design that communicates the capability and quality of their firm.