Services provided:

Gatefeeder is a controlled-access home feeding system for people with multiple cats. The system uses a collar-mounted Smart ID tag to limit proper servings to the proper cat. The founder had spent nearly 10 years developing this product with relatively small means. Being cat lovers ourselves, we were impressed with the device and charmed by the founder's plight, so taking on this project was a no-brainer!

Our goal of the design was to introduce a new concept to people by explaining key features precisely and simply, answering almost any question people may have about how it works. This was assisted by a simple introductory video — the quickest and easiest way to communicate an idea to virtually anyone.

Since there's only one product to sell on the site, it would be overkill to use any turnkey solution like Commerce or Magento. We ended up using FoxyCart, a hosted e-commerce platform, to handle the shopping cart and checkout. FoxyCart allowed us to integrate a streamlined checkout flow with our Drupal-driven site. It also reduces the liability and compliance burdens of a self-hosted solution, enabling the client to sell his product with minimal investment in infrastructure and maintenance.