Executive Homes

Services provided:

Executive Homes is a Hong Kong real estate agent specializing in expat residential rental and corporate relocation. They came to us with a desire to upgrade their website, which at the time was not attracting traffic or conversions.

We carried out a thorough evaluation and discovered numerous design, content and technical issues that impacted their website’s search visibility and user experience.

The lack of content, keyword focus and conversion optimization, among others, are the key issues that we had to solve. Their existing content management system however was too dated to support all the features we needed, so a complete revamp of both the front-end and back-end became imperative.

The heart of any real estate website lies in the property information — it has to be rich, fresh, well-structured and very easy to maintain. We completely re-designed the data structure and built a Drupal feed module that would import records from their in-house legacy database as well as migrating thousands of records from their old website overnight.

We also overhauled every part of the front-end, in particular the property search functionality, call-to-actions and the directory for expats living in Hong Kong.

Six months after launch of the new website, both visitor traffic and enquiries have tripled, and visits from search engines have more than quadrupled.

We also saw much improved ranking for important keywords and growing amount of inbound links. The client was impressed by the results and by Drupal, their new CMS, for making difficult tasks seem so easy.