etc wine shops

Services provided:

etc wine shops is a new brand of wine stores with a unique themed concept. Their first two stores opened in Jan 2012: bordeaux etc in Causeway Bay and champagne etc in Central, each carrying only premium, first-rate wines from their respective regions in France.

Customers coming to the shops are encouraged to taste wines and chat with the staff and chief sommelier about what they like to drink. Tasting and wine pairing events happen regularly. Indeed helping customers find wines, learn about wines and catering to each individual's tastes is paramount to the etc wine shops brand, so the website needed to embody that as well.

The website had to handle their full catalog of 3,000+ wines, online sales, events, membership database as well as reward programs, so a flexible content management system with e-commerce capability is required. We decided to use Drupal 7 with Commerce, and added a heavily modified Apache Solr module in order to build a robust facet search with more than 100 custom filters to support the dynamic attributes of a huge wine catalog.