The Economist

Services provided:

In collaboration with Alchemy Asia, we built and launched two projects for the authoritative weekly newspaper The Economist.

What The World Thinks is a voting and data visualization Drupal module that lets global readers vote and comment on current issues put forward by the Economist each week. Readers could use their Facebook or account to participate, and results would be instantly visualized on an interative world map using different colors to represent different opinions of people around the world.

We created a HTML5 world map using a custom-built SVG convertor that supports dragging and pinching on iOS devices, and developed a Drupal 6 module that works with the Economist's User and Voting API plus the Facebook API. Data integration was done using JSON and the voting interface was further ported to a Facebook app and an embeddable widget. 

With 14 million unique vistors per month, is the biggest Drupal site we have ever worked with and our most technically challenging project to date. We owe it to the teams at The Economist and Alchmey Asia for making this possible.

Social Win An iPad Campaign is a competition promoting the launch of the Economist Asia Facebook Page to media agencies and their executives. By connecting their Facebook and Twitter accounts, media planners would have their key social details pulled in by the website and used for calculating a "social influence index" that ranks them on a leaderboard. Those with the highest index scores at the end of the campaign would win an iPad. 

With the designs and basic scoring algorithms provided by Alchemy Asia, we built all the front-end and back-end of the campaign using Drupal 7 and advised on the type of social details that can be pulled in and how they should be weighed and managed.