An SEO Night To Remember With HK Developers and Designers
Posted by Elmer in Work on April 01, 2009

BeansBox organized a free SEO workshop seminar last night held at the Hong Kong University Alumni Association in Central. There were about 40 people who turned up out of the 64 who committed on our Facebook event. Still, such number of attendees easily filled up the venue, which was ideal for about 25-30 guests.

I met old colleagues who used to work for Ion Global, others whom I met at Barcamp in 2007. Still others are new faces, which is always a good idea to expand your circle of friends.

My topic was entitled "Developers and Designers: Make Your Website Visible In Search Engines". You notice there is no mention of SEO at the first slide. That’s because the purpose of the seminar is to share ideas on how to make websites become visible on search engines. I understand that the audience is composed of developers, designers and others who may not have a deeper understanding of what is SEO or how search engines work.

Slides begin with a presentation of rather a puzzling search result. A search for broadway hong kong resulted in a Google page with competitor Fortress showing up on the first place. Somehow the crowd got curious and began to think "what if this happened to my site"?

I divided my presentation into two major parts: identifying issues that prevent search engines from accessing our websites, and enhancing websites so they will appear more prominent on search engine result. By identifying these issues and describing these procedures, I already defined SEO to everyone.

Nevertheless, the audience was quiet receptive and asked sensible questions, from nofollow linking to relevance of described recommendations to various search engines. It’s my first time to speak in public about SEO since I did a short talk during BarCamp 2007 so I was a little bit nervous, but based on the reaction of the crowd, I easily got over that.

For those who were not able to join us last night, here are the slides of the presentation I gave.

Photos of the event can be accessed in the official BeansBox Flickr page.

There should be no secrets in doing SEO, so this type of information should be shared to everyone. Hopefully I am able to contribute in spreading the word about SEO and helping marketers, developers and designers from Hong Kong and beyond understand its benefits to their businesses.

We will be conducting a series of seminars targeting business owners, copywriters and marketers whose roles in optimizing websites are equally valuable as developers and designers. Stay tuned by subscribing through our newsletters, following us on Twitter or simply checking out our website regularly.

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