See the world in motion: Cinemagram
Posted by David in Digital on June 02, 2012



There's something deeply satisfying about a well-made animated GIF...its that hypnotic, repetitive seamless perfection that sucks you in and suspends time for a few seconds.

In the past couple years the file format has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts due to the popularity of "cinemagraphs", which are essentially animated photographs.

And now you can make your own with your iPhone: check out Cinemagram (or Kinotopic, which does the job but is a little buggy and crashes sometimes). If you're familiar with Instagram then you already know how this works. While the animations aren't always perfect, the rough DIY aesthetic does have its own charm.

The experience may be a bit slow at times due to the file size of some of these GIFs, but besides that its easy to use, has a slick interface and is reliable. You'll soon find yourself looking at things around you diferently, always on the lookout for cinemagraphic potential.

If you wanna up your Instagram game, we highly recommend you give this app a try.


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