4 Reasons Why Twitter is Better Than Facebook
Posted by Elmer in Geek on December 07, 2009

Bill Gates used to maintain a Facebook account. However, since he couldn't cope up with the friend requests from strangers, he abandoned his account because there are "10,000 people wanting to be my friends", he confessed. This is how Facebook works, I want to be your friend but before we are officially called friends, you need to validate my claim. 

With Twitter, it is not necessary as everyone can follow (almost) all of the account he wishes to follow, unless blocked or followed account has private tweets. Let's examine the reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook.

1. You get to talk to everyone

With Twitter, one can interact with almost everyone, from friends in school and co-workers to NBA players and celebrities.

2. You don't have to waste time dealing with quiz invites and unexpected pokes and tags

Twitter's 140 character message limit was patterned after SMS length for mobile phones. Therefore, messages are intended to be concise, brief and free from anything that's not important. Just like those unwanted mafia or farm friend requests ubiquitous to Facebook.

3. You get quick responses from everyone

Because it is possible to send a message to almost anybody, it is also possible to get replies from anybody. Facebook simply restricts a member within the confines of his network and privacy settings. With Facebook, you often can only rely on a limited number of people for feedback.

4. It delivers news the fastest

Twitter has been remarkable in spreading the news. From New York plane crash to 2008 Mumbai attacks, Twitter carried the news faster than any other medium. In comparison, Facebook is often used as a sharing platform for news to be spread out.

Got any other reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook? Feel free to comment and share.


Twitter has a wide variety of

Twitter has a wide variety of backgrounds which can be fully personalised with photos, abstract patterns or just plain block colours. On Facebook, you are stuck with the plain and boring blue and white colour scheme.

You're also not bombarded

You're also not bombarded with Ads on Twitter. It's also the more aesthetic choice of the two. Facebook is an ugly, alienating experience whilst Twitter is relatively pleasant to view. Facebook is really the Ryanair of social networking sites.

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