Making Usability Help Our Websites Achieve Their Potential
Posted by Elmer in Geek on July 14, 2010

First impressions can be lasting. But in the realm of World Wide Web, that perception can quickly be extinguished in a matter of seconds.

Imagine if you're an owner of a online retail business selling books, software or air tickets. You intend to impress your target audience by securing the services of a top-notch web design agency, and when it's time to launch, you are excited and hyped to surprise your visitors with cutting edge design, high resolution photos and fancy content.

Launch date passed and -- with right marketing mix -- curious visitors flocked towards your website. That's good news. But at the end of the day, you noticed that the web analytics metrics better represented passers by rather than legitimate visitors: most of them reached the homepage but left soon after.

Instead of you surprising your visitors with a brilliant looking revamped website, their behavior is the one that surprised you.

Well, your visitors' behavior is not really surprising if you answered 'yes' to the question: Did you consider user experience in building your website?

While there are thousands of websites out there that we can easily nominate for Web Design Awards, many of them cannot guarantee they can achieve their fundamental objectives -- unless they were built with sole purpose of winning the Web Design Awards. And we don't really think most, if not all, websites are.

Poor usability results in frustrating user experience. Visitors cannot find a search function. Visitors need to click multiple pages just to accomplish simple task like downloading files, filling up 'Contact Us' forms or making a purchase. Or visitors stuck in a page that does not have navigation menu. Such visitor frustration can be translated analytically to high bounce rate, short stay on the website, and generally low engagement rate. As owners, it is obviously more frustrating to experience the same results because you spent money, effort and way more time preparing the website.

It's 2010. Let's stop the madness already.

That is why we at BeansBox collaborated with usability experts from Addithink to present a seminar that aims at both helping business owners, social media and marketing professionals who run marketing campaigns, and web experts identify common problems that plague their websites and allow like-minded professionals to connect with each other.

This initiative is not meant to embarrass website owners, designers or any proponents behind their creation but to educate the stakeholders how bad usability impacts business objectives and how user-centric web design practices yield better results and influence sound business decisions.

If you spent lots of money on "revolutionary" web design, marketing on SEO, social media and EDM, but still have problems on achieving your goals, then you should join our upcoming event "Are your online marketing efforts LOST AT SEA?".

In this seminar you'll:

• Learn how simple usability fixes increase online sales

• Discover how to avoid wasting your investment

• Network with other business owners, marketing executives, product managers and web experts


When: Monday, July 26th. Short and sweet, just an hour from 7-8pm.

Where: Terrace at FINDS Restaurant, one of Hong Kong's coolest spots How much: $100 (includes food & drinks)

Speaker: Ada Yuen of AddiThink, usability professional since 2003

For more information, RSVP now: Michelle at or sign up at Facebook.

All attendees receive a FREE 1 hour UI and Social Media consultation with AddiThink valued at $300! More information on how to redeem this gift at the event. See you there!


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