Google Analytics API Now Available
Posted by Elmer in Digital on April 22, 2009

Google has just announced that Google Analytics API is now available to all of its users. The impact could be huge as the possibilities of integrating Google Analytics data is limited to the minds of creative and innovative minds. Until this announcement, we need to login to Google Analytics interface to see how many website visitors did drop by our site, how long did they stay, which pages did they go to, and so on.

This announcement is expected to benefit both developers and end users:


  1. Developers - Using Google Analytics API, developers can now translate analytics data into eye-catching visualization reports and create own applications they can sell to companies. That’s the type of flexibility Google Analytics API brings to the table.
  2. Users - Accessing Google Analytics data will definitely benefit from the applications produced by developers. For example, it will be possible to view custom Google Analytics reports directly into someone’s desktop using a dashboard application. Example applications using this Google Analytics API are the following:
  3. MailChimp’s Analytics360 integrates Google Analytics with MailChimp email reports, so that measurements such as ROI, revenue, goals and transactions can be found within one interface.
  4. AnalyticsMarket’s Google Analytics for Android directly funnels in reports into your mobile phone without the need for third-party servers to process information.
  5. On-demand Analytics allows you to view mashed data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Salesforce into one integrated real-time application.

Sounds exciting, right? To get started, take a look at the Google Analytics API documentation, signup for notifications and join Google Analytics API group at Google Groups. Now you can think of how you can make web analytics a little more exciting task to pursue.

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