Facebook Overtakes Yahoo! in US Traffic
Posted by Elmer in Geek on February 18, 2010

You can call it "the mighty has fallen", but it would probably be more accurate to call it "the mighty has been upended by another mighty". That's the case of Yahoo!, the largest search engine portal that ubiquitous with top rankings in terms visitor traffic. Yahoo! is still big, no doubt, but Facebook has proven to be a bigger beast to tame, as the social media giant just pipped Yahoo! from second to third most visited web property in the United States. That's according to web analytics firm Compete.com.

The latest web traffic report illustrates how Facebook remarkably rose from its humble beginnings at a Harvard dormitory to a global brand visited by millions of people. In December 2009, Yahoo! registered 133.45 million visitors in the US, while Facebook was close behind at 132.13 million people. At the time Yahoo! and Facebook are second and third placers behind Google. In January 2010, there was a reversal of role. Facebook's traffic rose to 133,623,529 unique visitors (a monthly increase of 1.13%) while Yahoo! had 132,007,594 (a decrease of 1.08%) . Facebook got 94.91% traffic improvement compared to the same time last year, while Yahoo! only had a negligible 0.43%.

Notable changes in Facebook was its homepage design, while Yahoo! shut down its Geocities, 360 Beta, among other services while unloading its HotJobs recruitment service to Monster.com. Now, Facebook's only obstacle towards web domination is Google.

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