BBC's Innovative Way of Delivering News
Posted by Elmer in Geek on June 15, 2011

BBC, the worlds largest broadcaster with about 23,000 staff, is currently developing an iOS application which will allow field reporters to broadcast news live from their iPhone devices, reports.

Requiring only 3G or WiFi network capability to deliver file video, stills and audio using iPhone or iPad devices for data transmission, the application is expected to be available in a month or so. Traditional field reporting requires news feeds through wireless or satellite broadcasts and a team of staff to install in the scene. Not only such option longer to setup, maintenance can also be costly especially when reporting about extreme weather conditions or areas where equipment such as cameras or wireless disk are vulnerable to damage.

With the availability of smart phones that deliver exceptional video and audio output and 3G and Wifi networks available to increasing number of areas, it is practical to make use of them when fielding flash reports. Reporters are now more mobile and can easily be deployed to gather news and report raw information in a developing story.

From a business standpoint, such technology offers lower costs to gather and field reports.

And because iPhones and iPads are not only held by reporters, everyone who has access to the application can also deliver instant news just like CNN's iReport platform, where witnesses can submit reports in real-time. Although similar apps are available for use of citizen journalism in the U.S., BBC will become the first to use such device in delivering live broadcasts.

There's no doubt it's easier to carry an iPhone or iPad in the field than a complete mobile news van so it's convenient for reporters to broadcast live feeds without extra gears. But what about releasing it for free on App Store for everyone? Suddenly could we become accidental reporters.


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