What we do

Strategy and Planning
Strategy & Planning
Got an idea but don't know where to start? Most people don't know how a website is created and what they need to get the ball rolling. We can help you understand the process, write a project plan and do all the necessary preparatory work that is essential to kick-starting your project.

Business Research

What are your goals? Who's your audience? Where are your competitors? While you're good at what you do, we help you find out what's the best way to take it online, or if it's worth doing at all.

Information Architecture

Engineers don't build anything without a blueprint, we think websites should be the same. We help organize your information, design the structure and create wire-frames so you know what to expect before building starts.

Content Strategy

To communicate your message, a beautiful design alone is not enough. We help organize your thoughts, create content templates and advise on copy-writing so your site stands out from many others that speak generic marketese.

Usability Testing

When was the last time you got frustrated with a website? Usability testing can help identify design issues, improve user experience and save you time and money in fixing costly mistakes that can be avoided.
Design and Build Icon
Design & Build
Now you need to get it done, but you want more than an ordinary web design company to just take instructions. You want a team to collaborate with, to produce top-notch work, and has the guts to give you a different opinion when it matters - minus the big agency fees and egos.


Awesome looking, user friendly, easy to find in search engines, painless to maintain ... that's what we think websites should be and what we pour our heart and energy into. If you happen to be obsessed with the same beliefs, we would make a great partnership.

Online Shops

Your storefront is your website when it comes to selling online, and to beat the big guys out there you can’t afford to look like an amateur. It has to be secure, robust and speedy to win the trust of buyers, and runs on a customizable e-commerce system that can grow with you.

Web Apps

Portal, Intranet, Online Survey, Community, Social Network ... or something we have never heard of? If it runs in a browser, we’re up for the challenge. We develop exclusively on the LAMP stack and can also do just interface and interaction design for your app.

iPhone & iPad Apps

As “iPhanatics”, we released our first iPhone app in 2008 as a hobby and always look up to those who won the Apple Design Awards. Our bar is high: we strive to design the best user experience for your app by perfecting every detail so it will stand out in the crowded App Store.
The good thing about an online marketing campaign is that it can be measured with tools easily available. Whether your goal is increasing sales, generating traffic or growing a community, we can help track and analyze the results and let you know whether your investment pays off.

Search Engine Optimization

A website with high search engine visibility can capture target audience and create sales leads with lower marketing costs in the long run than most other marketing strategies like placing advertisements.

Paid Search Advertising

Pay per click advertising are best used with short-term marketing campaigns when you like to reach your target audience in a short span of time. We help you research for keywords, draft ad copies, develop landing pages and track performance.

Email Campaigns

Getting the email to the inbox is only part of the success journey, we convince your recipients to read your message and actually act on it by designing your copy, maintaining your database and providing insights on each campaign result.

Social Media

Having a Facebook page and a Twitter feed doesn’t mean you have a social media campaign. In fact, social media isn’t for every one. It’s a long term commitment and we can evaluate your “readiness” and implement the ones that are most suitable for you.

Who we are

BeansBox is a boutique digital agency founded in 2003 in Hong Kong. We love digital creation and improving people's lives through technology.

Over the years we have completed more than 150 projects successfully and have happy clients all over the world. Our mission is to make the web a better place by creating attractive, easy to use and search engine friendly websites.

Our small team of six works out of our awesome office in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong, an area known for its mix of antique shops, cafes and art spaces. 

We’re dedicated, friendly and easy to work with. Check out our work or get in touch to talk about your project.


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